• Jerry Is My Friend

    Jerry Is My Friend

    I will miss Jerry; in a world where so many give up and give in so quickly, his “I can do it” mentality was a refreshing contrast. Things didn’t always work out the way he wanted but he didn’t give up often or easily. He tried to do all he could and then some…and he… Read more

  • Darden Insights & Experience

    Darden Insights & Experience

    In my closing remarks at the Darden School of Business, I shared the following… “Cults or tribes find ways to entice new members into the fold.  They may develop unique forms of communication including symbology.  Strangely enough, over the last few weeks, we all (referring to my fellow classmates) have been enticed by plentiful sustenance… Read more

  • Grasping the Dash

    Grasping the Dash

    Today, I’d like to focus on “grasping the dash,” recognizing that something eternal is at stake in each event, in every moment of our lives. Genealogists frequently talk about the “dash,” all that “stuff” that happens between a date of birth and date of death. To start, a touch of history drawn from a book… Read more

  • Belief Should Lead To Action

    Belief Should Lead To Action

    As mortal beings, we frequently define “living” in terms of death or infirmity. We too often measure our progress, position or condition based on what we don’t have or what we’ve lost. I have little doubt at this point in my life that part of my journey here on earth is to come to grips… Read more

  • An Open Challenge for 2016

    An Open Challenge for 2016

    For this new year, I’m posting an open challenge to family and friends. It will likely take you out of your comfort zone but I’m going to throw it out there anyway. My feelings will not be hurt, I will not be forever scarred, nor will our friendship suffer in any way if you disregard… Read more

  • Simon Peter, Answering the Call

    Simon Peter, Answering the Call

    Centuries ago when Jesus walked out of the wilderness after 40 days and nights, his eye fell upon a man who made his living sailing turbulent seas. Simon, commonly known as Peter, was the son of Jona and by vocation was a fisherman. He and his brother Andrew were partners with James and John in… Read more