Relationships Matter

Relationships matter so much.

Over the last few years I’ve grown rather tired of “culture” and “tradition” when they describe thoughts and actions that lead towards the exclusion of someone different than “the norm.” I see it frequently at work, Church and elsewhere. We all think we’re right and that we’re doing the right thing by explaining to someone how to do things “the right way” or how to “act like everyone else” and not stand out.

All too often this trail of thoughts and actions leads to an apparent inability to just accept people for who they are instead of feeling a need to “fix” and force people into molds of our making. Everybody doesn’t have to be like us, or think like us, or look like us.

We can do better.

If we don’t do better we’re just going to push people away and create bigger divisions everywhere we go. Nobody wins in that scenario.

Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement. Disagreement shouldn’t mean dislike. Love for our fellowman should be predicated on two things – that we are all fellow travelers on the road of life and that we all are of the same Heavenly parentage.





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