Relocating Ham Radio

So…hypothetically…let’s say I was a ham radio operator looking to move. Let’s say that, although it’s not a requirement per se, I would like to, possibly, find a new home that already has a nice tower installed so that I don’t have to front that expense myself.

Considering this completely “hypothetical” situation, how would I, as a ham, find this new “dream” home?

Though there is an essentially unlimited supply of real estate information available on the Internet there are still terms for which you can search with relatively few useful results. It seems that, although we hams view a nice beam antenna as a thing of beauty, we have thus buckled under the weight of society which thinks otherwise. I’m not saying this is necessarily wrong because we would far rather our house look desirable to the greatest number of potential buyers. An unfortunate side effect is that we essentially eliminate the possibility of finding a buyer who just might appreciate that tower.

There are a couple, and only a couple, of useful links I found regarding house hunting hams…

It’s nice to see both sites doing something to help the situation however it’s disheartening that, in a world full of CCR’s, we have done so little to foster better communication and work within our community to fill the gap.

I figure that any ham searching through real estate listings would love to find homes for sale that already have antennas or are known to be antenna friendly. It would be a wonderful option to “include” homes in search results that have or allow towers vice “exclude” homes that include CCR’s and HOA’s.

Seems simple enough…but it’s not…

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3 responses to “Relocating Ham Radio”

  1. gc Avatar

    I have been trying to sell “by owner”, and I also have been finding a lack of resources for adverising my home and acreage with 70 ft tower. I do not want to sell under contract via a real estate agency etc. Lets say Hypothetically, I have 38.5 acres on a lake side hill in the ozarks, on Table Rock lake, with a 14X70′ mobile home and a 10X40 storage building, the Hygain 70′ Crankup/tiltover tower with a huge beam antenna and two other vericals on the homesite. The nearest neighbors are an 1/8 mile away, TOTAL privacy and awesome nature and mountain/lake scenery, etc. etc… And, I want to sell it. I would think there are dozens or ham buffs who are looking to retire to a place like this with the tower and antenna’s in place and ready to rock! Trouble is I haven’t been able to find good free listing exposure targeting the ham radio operator. ??

  2. Mike Dowd Avatar
    Mike Dowd

    I’m thinking of selling my home with a 52 ft crank up tower…I’m sure there are hams that would be interested. I’m interested in hearing from you I have not made any plans to advertise yet. What have you done at this point? I’m in Hingham Ma. Small New England town on the coast just 15 miles south of Boston aile away from the ocean located high on a hill about 77 feet above sea level
    30 minute ride to Several Major Medical centers (Mass General Hos. Brigham Hos. And several others..
    Look forward to talking with you.
    Michael Dowd…

  3. mike D. Avatar
    mike D. if your interested

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