New truck…let’s take it apart and add some radio equipment…

This past week I purchased a brand new 2011 Toyota Tacoma.  It’s always nice to purchase a new vehicle, but as a Ham Radio operator it creates a lot of work.  I removed all the radio equipment I had in my 2002 Tundra a few days ago and this evening I began the project of reinstalling it all in the Tacoma.

Marcus, the new guy...
The New Tacoma

The first decision generally is where to mount everything.  I normally prefer mounting the radios under the seats if possible but, in the double cab Tacoma, there are vents under the seats.  As I started poking around I discovered storage areas behind the back seats and decided I would use the drivers side storage area as the mounting location for the radio body.

I purchased another Diamond NMO antenna and mount and have already run the cable to the radio and the center of the roof above the dome light.  Haven’t drilled the mounting hole yet but will get to that later.  Routed the cable straight back from the dome light, over to the rear drivers side column, and then down inside the storage compartment through holes I drilled in the back of the enclosure.

Ran the power cable from the battery back to the firewall, across the firewall to the passenger side, and then through a small penetration plug (that looks like it was placed there just for this purpose).  Routed the power cable down the passenger side all the way back to the rear of the cab, across behind the seats, and into the storage compartment.

Ran out of time and daylight so the project will have to continue until next week…no time in the schedule this week to continue working on it…





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