Close your eyes and use your imagination…

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I’ve been a fan of radio shows for years, dating back to when I was introduced to them by a friend in high school. If I remember correctly, Sean introduced me to “The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy” first, then series like “Now Nordine“, “The Cabinet of Doctor Fritz”, and “A Prairie Home Companion.”

It was just incredible to turn out the lights, climb into bed, close my eyes and get lost in the sounds and characters from these stories and performances.  One of my favorites was Jack Flanders.  The background sounds in this series were recorded live in the locations they described.  You can hear and feel just like you were standing right there with the characters as the events happen.

The ZBS Foundation, who produces the Jack Flanders series, describes it this way; “Jack Flanders is an adventurer. He not only travels to different countries in search of knowledge, he also steps into other dimensions to solve strange metaphysical puzzles. All of Jack’s stories have a lightness and humor, as well as some wonderful little wisdoms scattered throughout.

“Jack Flanders’ adventures are often set in locations where we traveled to record the sounds; Brazil, the Amazon, India, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Belize, Costa Rica, Morocco, Montreal and New Orleans.”

There are a number of Jack Flanders’ adventures:

All I can really add is that it is truly amazing how these stories can entertain and spur the imagination.  Movies and TV can accomplish much, but your imagination can do so much more…





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